Best paramotor 2019

If you're new to the sport then you've probably realised how hard it is to find good detailed paramotor reviews and comparisons. Every pilot tells you they're flying the best machine, and every manufacturer claims to have the best, so how to you know which to choose? It's simple I played my part last year, by putting up an honest review of my current paramotor after flying it for hours, and you can read that HERE.

But in this post I'm going to choose 5 of the most popular paramotors, and run a comparison of each to help you choose one. The Maverick is the latest offering from Parajet, and it's quickly become one of the most popular paramotors to see at the field. With its lightweight design, and uniquely styled polygonal fuel tank, it's a real head turner; but what does it have to offer?

Let's take a closer look. Parajet have dropped their regular aerofoil shaped frame and cage, and used a tubular design constructed completely from titanium. Although it looks flimsy when you stand it next to one of their V3 models, it's actually incredibly rigid.

This lightweight frame and cage design gives the standard Maverick a dry weight of just The weight of the Maverick can be decreased further by choosing the sport, or pro versions, or by choosing a different engine. The Maverick has a fuel tank capacity of 10 litres, which will give you 2.

For this reason, cross country pilots may prefer one of the smaller engines to lower the fuel consumption. Or you could contact Parajet directly, and request your Maverick be fitted with their new XL 17 litre fuel tank, designed specifically for cross country flying.

I already mentioned the unique styling, but the polygonal fuel tank has more to offer than just great looks. The tip of the side polygon actually points to the 4 litre mark. This makes it much easier to gauge how much fuel is left mid flight, to minimize guess work. I wouldn't say the Maverick is aimed at complete beginners due to its lightweight design.

Although it is strong, when you loose weight you unavoidably loose strength. So beginners who are likely to have a few falls may wish to choose the super tough V3 from Parajet, or one of the others in this list.

If you're comfortable with launching and landing, and you want a lightweight paramotor with the added bonus of excellent after sales service from Parajet, then this could be the one!The project is still ON! We are back after a while with some new informations and the latest footage of a first true four stroke for a paramotor. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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The ABSOLUTE BEST Paramotor Trike Ever.

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.Now this is a complicated task. No, paramotors are not same by far! There are big differences. I will try to give my honest advice. Most beginners start with the engine because it is easy to compare the numbers but this is by far not the most important thing.

Experienced pilots know that there are huge differences in how the paramotor feels when you fly it. This is determined by paramotor geometry and plenty of small details, while not all of them are possible to measure. As a beginner you may not be able to decide upon this but get different opinions.

The brand your instructor is dealer of may not be always be the best for you. You start with a beginner wing now and you will probably upgrade to a faster wing later. But you can keep your paramotor for many years if you have chosen properly.

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best paramotor 2019

You will be not able to answer these questions before thinking about this: What is your flying style and your goals in paramotoring for the future? What is will be your flying style?

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How much power you need? What hook-in system is best for you?

Choosing a PPG Motor

Standard cm prop or larger? Do you need a clutch? Is aerodynamics of paramotors important? Electric or manual starter? Strength and repairability By Captain ChaosSeptember 28, in General paramotor discussion. I'm a new paraglider pilot from Sweden with the P1 license restricted to Sweden. I will take my P2 license next year so I can fly all over the world unrestricted and I will also take my PM1 license so I can fly paramotors restricted distances.

Inafter a minimum of 12 months with the PM1 license, I will take the PM2 license so I can fly unlimited distances unrestricted. The rules and regulations are really strict here in Sweden.

You are not allowed by law to fly under meters if you are flying over densely populated areas and when you fly outside these areas you must stay above 50 meters. You can fly lower if you have the landowners permission in writing. My local club are only for paragliders so there's no knowledge to be found there. I want to spend my time in the air, not waiting for spare parts or spend my time in the garage because the engine brakes down all the time. I just want to do the scheduled maintenance and fly.

The most common manufacturers sold here in Sweden, if you look at the few online stores that import and sell paramotors here, are Polini, Vittorazi and Air Conception.

I have good experience with Polini, but that was 25 years ago when my father helped to import the 70 cc tuning kit for my moped. I have read some good reviews from owners of both Polini and Vittorazi but you can never get to many opinions, right?

There must be some truth in that statement because why else say something like that in public? Your recommendations on a suitable engine for me that fits my requirements sporty yet reliable workhorse with low maintenance suitable for my weight and height, 95 kg and cm would be much appreciated.

Best Paramotor Wings for Beginners

I am 90 Kg and cm. So all 3 of those you mention! All these engines have great performance and are definitely great for 90 Kg. I don't think there is much in it between all them. All 2 strokes take a little looking after.

Always use top quality oil and be extremely careful when re-fuelling. Use a filter, such as Mister Funnel when adding fuel. After fueling, make sure the funnel, pipe etc are immediately covered as the remaining fuel quickly evaporates off the surfaces and then leaves a nice sticky oil that is perfect for attracting dust.

Next time you refuel, the new fuel washes in any dirt!!!!!EXOMO offers state-of-the-art integrated equipment, quick and easy to start so you can get the most out of your flight.

The high-capacity batteries reflecting the latest Li-Ion technology deliver significant energy; they incorporate their own monitoring and protection systems. The quality of these engines has already been proven in competition: we are World Champions in Electric Slalom Poland The engines are also used for daily pilot training.

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The electric engine is noiseless and fly-by is virtually inaudible at meters: you fly without disturbing the natural environment. Always ready to fly, the EXOMO electric engine only requires setting up and connecting the battery, you can then get ready to take off.

Without vibration, with a very reduced sound signature, the EXOMO electric drive also allows you to fly without noise cancelling headphones, in-flight comfort is unsurpassed.

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You can also stop propulsion in flight by simply releasing the throttle as soon as you feel thermals and paraglide to extend your flight.

The EXOMO electric set is equipped with batteries that you can recharge hundreds of times from a standard wall socket; you can also stock up on electricity from renewable energy sources.

best paramotor 2019

Totally clean, the electric paramotor can be stored in your home and can be transported in your car. The EXOMO electric paramotor is equipped with a brushless engine with only one moving part, there is no wear and tear and no maintenance! All the parts of this engine have generous dimensions to promote reliability.

The acquisition of an electric paramotor was a reasoned act, the solution to the question: how can I fly often, not far from home while maintaining the logistics of paragliding? The EXOMO has met my expectations by allowing me to take off near my home, in the morning before work or in the evening for a ride as soon as weather allows.

I fly much more often than I paraglide and the electric motor allows me to take off in a few minutes without disturbing my neighborhood! Always looking for reliability and progress, EXOMO is changing the technology of its batteries with the addition of a permanent balancing system that allows us to guarantee for 4 years the proper functioning of your battery.

This exclusive offer confirms the trust you Ask for a customized quote. Learn more. With a simple switch located on the throttle, you turn on the engine and off you go! Franck O. See more testimonials.

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Contact us. See our catalog. Go to the Blog. George Blottin george.This list contains 9 of the most reputable paramotor manufacturers, and a look at what they have to offer. The list is in no particular order, they all have a good reputation in the sport, so check them all out.


Before we get to the list, keep in mind that most paramotors still have little niggles that need fixing by the manufacturer. I don't think there's a brand out there that doesn't, that's why it's important to look at as many brands as possible before making a decision.

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Their engines have pull and electric start options, and both the Nitro and Tornado are available with a clutch. The lightest option is the Nitro pull start, weighing in at Most people will choose Air Conception because of the low weight design. Lifting just a few kilos more can be difficult for some people, so if you struggle, or if you have back or knee problems for example, this brand could be for you. Air Conception website. Just five years later in he launched his first paramotor, the Volution.

The paramotor was designed to be super strong, powerful, and easy to transport. Over the years Parajet have continued to focus on these aspects, and the Volution is now in it's third generationwhich is a very popular choice for pilots worldwide. The Volution isn't all they have to offer though.

You can choose between two more popular foot launched units, the Zenith, and the Maverick. Or maybe you prefer a wheeled machine, in which case the Falco trike may be more suitable. The first thing that comes to mind is strength! The cage and frame are super strong, this is why it's a top choice for instructors who expect the frame to be able to handle some big impacts. The Volution 3 isn't the lightest of paramotors. Much lighter than the Volution, the Zenith features a full CNC machined frame that is designed to be very transportable.

This is the perfect choice for travelling, or adventure pilots. This unit has become one of the most popular paramotors to see at the field.

Parajet offer a huge choice of engines for all of their paramotors, from many different manufacturers. This means you can find the correct amount of power for your weight or goals. Airfoil shaped profiles are used to compensate torque in flight, meaning there's no torque steer, and much less drag than a tubular design. These are available in electric or pull start, clutched or non clutched; and, both units are available with the safe start feature that prevents propeller injuries during startup.

Scout paramotors will appeal to those who want the best in safety and handling. The fact that it looks awesome will also attract many pilots. Nirvana have been producing paramotors since the early days of the sport inand unlike most paramotor brands, Nirvana also make their own engines.

They're based in the Czech Republic, and currently have three models to offer. This is their only model that offers either low, or mid hang points mid hang points are recommendedand a full Carbon-Kevlar frame. This means the instinct frame is lightweight, but at the same time, very strong.What you want and what you need, for how and where you want to fly, is an individual choice. In the end, you alone are uniquely qualified to select the best paramotor for you.

Still, deciding among the array of options can be a daunting task, especially for someone with little or no previous experience with paramotors.

best paramotor 2019

The extensive list of features and accessories currently available to the market will make you think Christmas has arrived early.

However, no single motor has every feature and not many pilots could afford a motor that did, so there are choices to be made. Here are a few of the options that you should consider. There are undoubtedly more that we did not yet consider. Take the time to rate their importance to you in relation to each other and to the motor as a whole. Support Look for a motor that will have a high level of support and a ready supply of parts. The motor will need routine maintenance and periodic replacement parts and repairs.

Choosing a well established, name brand motor with a manufacturer and dealer that you can rely on will help keep your motor running smoothly. Buying locally from your PPG instructor can be a great way to ensure support. Most full-time schools offer several brands of motors; are a great resource for information; and will be there to support you and advise you when you need it.

Unless you are a mechanical whiz, you will want a good manual to help you make adjustments, perform maintenance and guide you through minor repairs to your unit. Look for details and pictures. Thrust and Power Versus Motor Weight The amount of thrust you need is related to your body weight and the altitude at which you are launching.

More power is generally, but not always, found in a heavier motor. Purchase a motor that is suitable for your size. If you are comfortable evaluating technical data to determine the amount of thrust you can really expect, spend some time looking at the engine type and size; the max.

If you are like most new motor pilots and unsure of how all that data works together to develop thrust, there is a more basic method of determining what size of motor is best for you. Most motor companies now list a recommended maximum weight range for their motors.

Keep in mind that this does not normally take into account the altitude that you will be flying at. A good rule of thumb is to add 5 lbs to your body weight for every 1, feet of altitude that your launch is above sea level.

For example a lb pilot, launching at an altitude of 5, feet above sea level should add 25 lbs to their body weight.


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