Odachi vs nodachi

Last Updated on July 3, The Nodachi was used as the long, two-handed field sword of the Japanese samurai warriors. The blade length of this sword was more than 90cm long, making it one of the longest swords of its time.

The soldiers preferred to use these swords in battlefields because of their sheer length and accuracy. In this article, we will see some of the fundamental aspects of the Nodachi. The terms odachi and nodachi were interchangeably used, giving us room to think if these were similar swords. The only difference that could have been between these types is their length. It is believed that the nodachi originated during the Heian Period.

In the earlier days, only the most skilled samurai warriors were given the responsibility of wielding and using the nodachi. Though they were used sparingly due to their size, their performance was top-class. Their cutting accuracy was way beyond the other swords like the katana. It was popularly believed that the nodachi could cut a soldier and his horse in two, with a single blow.

As mentioned above, the abnormal size of the nodachi made it very difficult for swordsmiths to get a proper forging on it. Of all the Japanese samurai swords, the nodachi was the most difficult for forging. It was a huge challenge for the smiths to apply heat treatment and quenching uniformly all through the length of the sword. While most other swords like the katana and wakizashi could be drawn from the waist, the nodachi had to be drawn from the back.

Soldiers found it extremely difficult to draw this long sword from their backs, especially during critical times on the battlefield. So they started to hold this sword by hand and combat attacks quickly. Also, the nodachi required only exceptionally skilled warriors to wield it. For the polishing process, this sword had to be hung from the ceiling or kept in a still position.Please register for Total War Access to use the forums.

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Welcome Please register for Total War Access to use the forums. Sign In Register. Categories Axis Member Registered Users Posts: Just wondering what you guys expect the difference between no-dachi samurai and katana samurai to be. Do you think katana samurai will move faster but be more susceptible to archers?

Post edited by Axis on August February edited February This may be a stretch, but I think nodachi samurai might have longer swords than katana samurai. Your thoughts? I would think that sounds about right. But remember the old western U.

odachi vs nodachi

The way nodachi units worked in the older shogun 1 was that they were what you might want to call "Glass Cannons" they are very brittle in defense and armor but their charge attack and melee attack were very strong. In other words, throw them at your enemy if you want to crush them, just dont expect them to live very long after that.

This isn't quite the same as "justified", I'm sorry to say. Kazeshini Member Registered Users Posts: From katanas to wakizashithere are many to choose from. In fact, some swords were worn at the same time, and many are displayed together.

The experts at Swords of Northshire have years of experience creating Japanese and Chinese swordsso turn to us for all your questions about these ancient weapons. Are Nodachi and Odachi Different? So, is there an actual difference between the nodachi and the odachi blades? The simple answer is no. Historical documents show that the Japanese used the two terms interchangeably.

The only significant difference between the two is contextual. When talking about the size of the weapon, you call it an odachi.

Ultimately, they are the same weapon. Since there are a number of contradictions about what exactly an odachi is and what a nodachi is, Swords of Northshire is here to break it down for you. This weapon is a traditionally made Japanese sword dating as far back as the 5th century. It was said to have been used by the Gods of Japanese mythology. As for humanity, the nodachi length allowed for effective attacks on foot soldiers by samurai on horseback and was commonly used by cavalry as a result.

When used on foot instead of from horseback, it was carried on the back or by hand. Samurai would have an assistant or fellow soldier draw the sword off his back when needed for battle.

Nodachi were also frequently used as a votive offering in shrines, often when praying before heading off to war. Nodachi length was typically around 3 shaku For comparison, a common length for a katana sword is around inches. Nodachi are the longest swords of all the styles created by Japanese swordsmiths and are notoriously difficult to make. Because of the nodachi's lengththe katana is a weapon for quicker combat.

A missed strike with a nodachi necessitates a long recovery and leaves the samurai open to a counter attack by the enemy. None of your skills with other swords translate laterally in this case, and you would have to train specifically with this sword to be proficient in combat. The strain on muscles that are forced to bear the weight of this larger sword will tire a samurai out much more swiftly than a katana.

Although more cumbersome, the mass and power of the nodachi can be very effective when a blow is landed. A katana-carrying opponent attempting to parry a strike would be no match against the sheer force of a nodachi. The katana wielding samurai would need to rely on both his patience and speed to attack at just the right time. A samurai with a katana must strike before his opponent starts their attack or as their opponent is recovering between missed strikes.

You would not want to put yourself in a position to have to block the swing of a nodachi, which could break your sword or bring you to the ground — a quick death even for the most experienced samurai. It all comes down to the skill and training style of the samurai opponents. For a sword with a massive reach and terrifying power, the nodachi should be your number one choice.

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If for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase, we will make it right!With high-quality steel and intricate detail, our odachi samurai swords are made in the traditional Japanese style. The odachi, also known as a nodachi, is a great long sword that was said to have been used by the gods of Japanese mythology.

It was carried by foot soldiers on their backs or by hand — the latter being more practical to easily draw it in battle. The short answer to this question is no. Primary sources reveal that the Japanese used the two terms interchangeably.

There is some evidence that using the term for nodachi sword referred to the application of the sword on the battlefield, whereas with odachi swords, you are specifying the size of the weapon as a greatsword. At the end of the day, both terms refer to the same weapon.

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Everything There Is To Know About Nodachi | Plus Buying Guide

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No-Dachi samurai vs katana samurai

We needed a rush build and the sword came on time. It looks very elegant-well made with handsome parts. Also, customer service was very helpful. Thank you very much. I am extremely satisfied with Swords of Northshire. Aside from my custom katana being absolutely beautiful and well made, their customer service is outstanding. They accommodated me at every step. My second custom katana is in the mail now! Can't recommend them enough, and will certainly be doing more business in the future.The Chinese equivalent and 'cousin' for this type of sword in terms of weight and length is the miao daoand the Western battlefield equivalent though less similar is the longsword or claymore.

The quenching process then needs a bigger quenching medium because uneven quenching might lead to warping the blade. The method of polishing is also different. In modern times though, many forges in Japan and China are accepting such orders due to the renewed popularity and interest in ancient Japanese weaponry in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

There were two methods in which they could be carried: One was to carry it on one's back. However, this was seen as impractical as it was impossible for the wielder to draw it quickly. An exception does exist, though. The technique is to pull out the sheath rather than drawing the blade. Alternatively, it could be used as a cavalry-on-cavalry weapon comparable to the Chinese zhanmadaowith the long reach, increased weight and slashing area of the blade offering some advantages over spears, lances and smaller swords.

Since then, it has been used more as a ceremonial piece. This loss of popularity is due to the Shogunal government setting a law which prohibited holding swords above a set length in, and This became their main purpose. Due to the amount of skill required to make one, it was considered that their exotic appearance was suitable for praying to the gods.

odachi vs nodachi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Kodansha International. Samurai Fighting Arts: the Spirit and the Practice. Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan. Linguistic Insights. Peter Lang.

odachi vs nodachi

Complete Idiot's Guides. Japanese weapons, armour and equipment. Sword types and classifications by region and historical era. Bronze Age sword Khopesh. Jian Dao. Dadao Hook sword Zhanmadao.

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Liuyedao Wodao Changdao Yanmaodao.I'm designing a couple of big hitting martials a bloodrager and a TWW Fighter and am trying to decide between using a greatsword or a nodachi as the characters' preferred weapons.

I'm leaning toward the nodachi because of the extra crit range, but am curious; what does the math say? Both characters will have the improved critical feat. The Nodachi will be be better once your static bonuses become high enough.

Odachi or Nodachi?

Nodachi also has brace, giving it a little more utility. It's not a big difference either way, though.

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For what it's worth, a Falcata used in two hands will be better than both in later levels. Except that a Falcata costs a extra feat.

Nodachi? Odachi? Uchigatana? Japanese Sword Types Explained

Charon's Little Helper Oct 21,am 1 person marked this as a favorite. Ignoring the nodachi's brace feature, the greatsword does 7 damage vs the nodachi's 5. In this case X is a hair under In this case X is a hair over So - now that you have the 's - you can make an informed decision.

Though of note - I didn't caculate in any extra crit feats you may have to make you more likely to confirm crits or any additional advantages. Also again - remember - the nodachi does have the additional benefit of being able to brace it, though that doesn't come up very often. Brace is a highly under valued ability. The look on new dms faces when you break it out against the first charging goblin is priceless. At the level when Falcata pulls ahead, you can afford the feat for it, especially with the Fighter build.

Gwen Smith Oct 21,am 4 people marked this as a favorite. All other bonuses being the same, they are less than 1 point per round different, from level 1 to level 8, even after Improved Crit at level 8.

At level 10, the nodachi pulls ahead to just over 1 point per round, and it gradually increases after that, but I don't see it getting beyond 2 points different with all other factors being equal. It's almost like the Devs planned it that way, or something. Level 1 through level 4 weapon focus, rage, PA : Great sword: Level 8 Add improved crit, PA bump Great sword: Did you mean Two-Handed Fighter instead? Yes, I meant Two-handed fighter.

I always screw that acronym up. Yeah, even though the math and statistics are technically against what I am saying, I feel like I have critical threats come up significantly more often with a Nodachi with Improved Critical than a Greatsword with Improved Critical. I realize that all math and statistics disprove this, and as a man of science I should disregard my gut I like a big threat range, because it just feels like you crit more. Majuba Oct 21,am Claxon wrote: I feel like I have critical threats come up significantly more often with a Nodachi with Improved Critical than a Greatsword with Improved Critical.

But also, psychologically, you expect a critical on a natural 20 and maybe even on a 19so the "surprise - you critted!!!

Drogos Oct 21,pm Critting on a 15, it's what the cool kids are doing. In my day, we critted on a 12 in 3. Now git off my lawn! DominusMegadeus Oct 21,pm 1 person marked this as a favorite.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Odachis have excellent range, while also possessing ways of punishing enemies for blocking. Some of their attacks cannot be interrupted.

Odachis have a buff which greatly increase Ki recovery at the cost of movement speed. Is the odachi and tonfa a new game plus item? Do you have to kill a secret boss for it? I've been farming odachi and tonfa users for a while now. I've also passed the 8th boss, but I can't find one. This page is missing a few odachis such as the lightning odachi fumonishita and the inherent change to strength taro tachi.

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Is it possible for revenants to drop odachis for people that do not own the DLC? Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Dual Swords. Hand Cannons. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Load more. Wooden Odachi. Bizenden Odachi. Yamashiroden Odachi. Rai Odachi. Rai Kaniyuki Odachi. Kimibanzai Tomonari. Sukesada Odachi.


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